Mixing traditional painting techniques with spray paint, tape, stencils, and other "low" materials, Santon navigates the space between abstraction and representation.

"I'm inspired by the search for balance. It seems like we are confronted with so many things coming at us from everywhere that quiet moments of contemplation and reflection are rare."

This latest body of work distills a stylistic amalgam of references that employs the vast scope of art history to find these 'moments'.


My artwork attempts to describe a foggy feeling of an elusive moment from a hazy memory of a somewhat unmemorable event. Santon seeks out the poetry in the patterns of nature and endeavours to make apparent the things that would otherwise remain unseen.

Ric Santon is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art & Design Experimental Arts program. He co-founded Parts Gallery in 2002, while also maintaining a personal art practice that involves painting, photograph and video work.